You are on the site of the Hunting Reserve “La Sierra”, a place of incalculable hunting and ecological value.

“La Sierra” is situated between the two areas of Cáceres De la Vera and Valle del Jerte. With an extension of 34,367 acres belonging to the municipalities of Guijo de Santa Bárbara, Tornavacas, Jarandilla de la Vera, Losar de la Vera and Viandar de la Vera.   Read more>>


The Iberian ibex (Capra pyrenaica) is one of the most exclusive species of the Iberian fauna, given that it is an endemic species of the iberian peninsula, featuring an enormous prestige in the hunting of big game on an international level.

This species can be divided into two subspecies in Spain, the Capra pyrenaica hispanica, which occupies the southern mountain areas of the peninsula and Levante and the Capra pyrenaica victoriae, which inhabits the peninsula’s central mesa, from where it has been introduced into the regions of Batuecas and the Picos de Europa.

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